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    Its Alright Babys Coming Back

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That's an easy way to play this song.

G              F 
It's alright - baby's coming back
C                       F     (F#) G
And I don't really care where he's been.
G              F   
It's alright - baby's coming back
C                    F      (F#) G
And I won't turn him around this time.

Verse I
I'll be your cliff (you can fall down from me).
I'll be your ledge (you can lean upon me).
I'll be your bridge, your flowering tree
You can still depend on me...
And I'll be (the ticking of your clock).
And I'll be (the numbers on your watch).
And I'll be (your hands to stop the time).
I'll even be your danger sign.


Verse II
And I'll be (your grace your dignity).
And I'll be (your night your destiny).
And I'll be (your comfort and your ease).
I will be your storm at seas...
And I'll be (your sharp intake of breath).
And I'll be (your work I'll take no rest).
And when the world falls to decline
I'll be yours and you'll be mine.

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