• Song:

    This Love Of Mine

  • Artist:

    Frank Sinatra

  • Album:

    A Swingin' Affair!

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There is a part before this that I don't play because I am not familiar with how 
it is sung, forgive me for leaving it out.  I play this simplified version because 
I am lazy at the guitar but I like to sing the song, it is based on the version 
found at http://www.theguitarguy.com/thislove.htm

A7   B7  A7   Em7  G      A7              D
This love of mine             goes on and on,

D7                 G       A7                D
Though life  is  empty        since you have gone.

       B7     Em7         A7        Em7     D
You're always on my mind,    though out of sight;

Bm             E7         Bm      Bm   A7
It's lonesome through the day,    and Oh! The night.

A7 B7 A7  Em7  G    A7                D
I cry my heart out    it's bound to break;

D7             G        A7          D
Since nothing matters,     let it break.

  B7       Em          B     F#7               Bm
I ask the sun and the moon,     the stars that shine:

      Bm       D      Bm   A7             D
What's  to  become of it,    this love of mine?
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