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Tabbed by: 3lacksabbath81

The Orion Songbook: Track 6

Matthew Milia: songs, voice, guitar, harmonica, pedal steel
David W. Jones: banjo, voice, dobro
Zachary Nichols: brass, singing-saw, melodica, keyboards
Ryan Etzcorn: drums, percussion

Tuning: Standard


     Am                      C                      F7M
     Dm           (riff)         
e|---1--1-1--1-1-----------|   e|-------------|
B|---3--3-3--3-3--3/5--3-|   B|-------------|
G|---2--2-2--2-2-----------|X5 G|-------------|He sometimes plays this
D|---0--0-0--0-0-----------|   D|-------------|into an Am.
A|-------------------------|   A|---0--3b--0--|
E|-------------------------|   E|-------------|

Verse I

Am               C          F7M                      Dm (riff)
The black figure of my body above your window as youre dreaming
Am        C                        F    Am G 
I came to wake you and take you up north
Am           C                F7M                     Dm (riff)  
The yard was wet, the heavens forget the way things are seeming
Am              C                        F      
For us who must stumble in yards dark as horses

Am   F    Am   G   G7

Am              C                       Famj7                Dm (riff)
Your dream went like this, John the Bap-tist came back vapor veiled
Am               C                       F       Am  G
With grand expec-tations for what he had started
Am                  C                     F7M                 Dm (riff)
And you couldnt res-ist, you gave him the gist about how things failed
Am              G                  F
And how all but one fire-heart had departed


         Em       F        Am       G   G7
And that you were her, and you were sure
                 Am                      C
That you had the Blood, that you had the Blood
            G    F
That all is made of
            Dm               C
And that is alright, that is alright
               Em          F    G    G7                       
I cannot think of a better dove
To carry the Blood

C   F7M   Dm(riff)  Am  C  F7M  Dm (riff)

Verse II

Am            C                   F7M                      Dm (riff)
The canal was bright, its innards ignite when moon stretches tight
Am          C                     F        Am   G  
To show the cargo the floating is gliding
Am            C                      F7M                Dm (riff)
The edges are dark, its channeled by bark, it carries the mark
Am       G                      F     
Of every speckle of guilt I was hiding

Am   F    Am   G   G7

Verse III

Am                C                   
The bathroom does taste of menstruation 
F7M                      Dm (riff)
chasing night-musk through window screen
Am                 C                 F        Am   G  
Like wounded doves all pretty things bleed
Am              C               F7M                      Dm 
Like my highway dream, Judas re-deemed for the one kiss he rode on
Am               G                   F
Our spirits ride canals and never in deeds

Verse IV

Em       F        Am       G   G7
Deeds do go, and deeds do not
          Am               C
Carry the Blood, carry the Blood
            G    F
That all is made of
         Dm                     C
Carry it right, all through the night
             Em          F    G    G7 
Till you see what we are of a dove  
that carries the Blood

C   F7M   Dm(riff)  Am  C  F7M  Dm  Am
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