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Tom: B5

Intro: B5 A5 E5

B5        A5          G5             A5
memories are just where you laid them
B5        A5          G5                           A5
drag the waters 'till the depths give up their dead
B5             A5
what did you expect to find?
G5                         A5     
was there something you left behind?
B5           A5         G5                   A5
don't you remember anything i said when i said
E5         D5     A5    
don't fa....ll away, and leave me to myself
E5         D5     A5        F#5                  
don't fa....ll away and leave love bleeding
G5           D5               A5       
in my hands, in my hands again
leave love bleeding
G5           D5 
in my hands, in my hands
love lies bleeding
( B5 , A5 , G5 , A5 )

B5          A5                 G5  A5    
oh hold me now i feel contagious
B5          A5             G5             A5   
am i the only place that you've left to go
B5                      A5
she cries her life is like
G5                       A5
some movie black and white
B5           A5
dead actors faking lines
G5                   A5
over and over and over again she cries

G5       A5    B5
and i wanted
     C#5 D5 E5  F#5
you turned away
F#5   B5   C#5 D5  E5    F#5   
you don't remember, but i do
     F#5         B5   A5 G5 A5
you never even tried
Solo:( B5 , A5 , G5 , A5 )
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