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    2001-10-16: United Cent...

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Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 19:22:29 -0400
From: "Liam Burke" 
Subject: g/garbage/special.tab

"Special" by Garbage (c) 1998
from Version 2.0

Tabbed by Liam Burke
On 7/23/00
email: niftyguy6@hotmail.com

This is my first attempt at tabbing a song, so bear with me.
Standard Tuning (EADGBe)

I find it easiest to just put a barre in the first fret for the first
two measures, and then leave your middle finger on the third fret of
the G string (this is helpful throughout the song)

Clean guitar
and then end with an A#5 (x133xx) quickly after the A

Clean or faintly distorted guitar, whichever you prefer.
A reverb pedal is used here in the song
B-1----1--------------------  (x2)

This could also be called the anti-bridge because it appears after the
chorus instead of before it.  It is basically the same as the intro except
there is only one cycle of the riff in each measure (I'm not sure though, as
the guitar is hard to hear over the bass at this point).  And without ending
with A#5, the last measure looks like this:

Light distortion for the whole riff

Riff A:

This part is magic.  This riff can be manipulated in almost any way with
these notes and it will still sound harmonious with the song.

The line stops at the measure, then the second line begins at the second.

Riff B:
This is used at the semi-outro.  This part
is easier than it sounds on the CD.
The measures are only here to confuse.

Riff C:
This is kind of a strange riff, it is not very accurate.  Go ahead and
improvise something that sounds better to you.

This is at the outro
Light distortion to act as a dampener

e-1h3-3-3-1h4-4-4-4-3- (4x), then raise it 5 frets:

e-6h8-8-8-6h9-9-9-9-8- (4x)

Listen to the song for a better idea of the rhythm, strumming, and etc.

    A#    and     F
  113331       133211
are repeated throughout the song, switching from A# to F and then F to
A# every other verse (listen to the song, when the tone changes, so do
the chords).

And that's it!

* Any questions, comments, *
* or concerns, please feel *
* free to email me at      *
* niftyguy6@hotmail.com    *
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