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    Spot the Pigeon

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From e_goosen@oberon.rm.fccc.edu Sun Apr 27 11:21:29 1997
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 16:26:37 -0400
From: Eric Goosenberg 
Reply-To: E_Goosenberg@fccc.edu
To: guitar@olga.net
Subject: Pigeons.crd by Genesis

PIGEONS (from the Genesis EP "Spot The Pigeon")

NOTE: All chords throughout the entire song use Bb as the melody note
Chord spellings (in tab):

Cbma7  Gbma7  E   Eb   C#   B  Bb   C    D   Gm   Cm   F11

Intro: Cbma7 Gbma7  E
Eb              C#                                 B
  Who put fifty tons of shit on the Foreign Office roof?
Eb                       B
   Who suffers from nine known diseases?
Gbma7     E
      Who gets up in the morning when the sun comes up
    Eb                 C#
And make their beds of paper clips and bus tickets
All around their heads
    Bb                      C
Who congregate around Tra - falgar Square
D                         Gm
  Taking pot shots at the tourists
Oh you've got to watch out
         Gm                             Cm
When you wander round the square in the morning
   Cause they're everywhere, they're everywhere.

Cbma7                         Gbma7
Here we have an honest man, a civil servant to boot
   E                            Eb
He lived high up in the Ministry
            C#                         B
And when he wished to make a point, he knew just what to do
Eb                            Cbma7             Gbma7
   His window ledges were all covered in grease
E                  Eb
I want them out of here
He said to me, I want them gone
     Bb             C
Be - cause you see,   oh don't you see
D                          Gm
None of us are getting any younger
You've got to follow your nose
          Gm                           Cm
And if it tells you that you've got to go
Well that's because   they're everywhere, they're everywhere...

Cbma7                            Gbma7
So we called in those men, those horrible men
    E                           Eb
And set them to work on the rooftops
              C#                       Cbma7
You see their van is very plain, and I know they're too ashamed
   Eb                                 Cbma7
To wear their "by-appointment" badges any-more
Gbma7                        E
Sometimes they use Vaseline, sometimes they use the pill
Eb                      C#         Cbma7
   I've often seen them with a gun
           Bb               C
But as the years go by, old habits seem to die
    D                             Gm
And nowadays they knockatize them all
Oh you've got to watch out
       Gm                              Cm
As you wander 'round the Square in the morning
   They're everywhere, they're everywhere.

Cbma7 / / / | Gbma7 / / / | E / / / | Eb / / / | Db / / / | Cb / / / |
Eb / / / ||

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