• Song:

    Last Days Of Summer

  • Artist:

    Gino Vannelli

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small case letters indicate melody notes
c4-middle C

solo flute:
          ab5   c6  ab5   eb   ab

ab5   c6  ab5   eb   ab

solo oboe:  
       db5   f   db   ab4  bb

       db5  f   db  ab4   db5     


ab4    c5   ab4    eb   ab       db   f   db  ab3    bb
ab/Gbmaj7          Fm7           db/Bmaj7     Fm7    Gbmaj7

    Ebm11     db/f        ab     Gb/ab     ab
The trees are full and green

    Ebm11   db/f     ab  
The garden sweet and lush

    ab            db  Bbm7    Ebm7 db      ab
The warmth of the sun      be lies Sep tem ber

  Gm7-5  F#7-5  Fm7    Bbm7   Ebm7  db     ab
A truth  to     which       I must  surren der

    ab/Gb     Fm7 db/f
The hours are num bered

      Bbm7         db/f  Gbmaj7
These last days of sum   mer


c5  eb C  bb4   c5  eb C  bb4
ab/Gb     Gb    ab/G      Gb

f5  ab  f  eb db   db  f db  eb
Gbmaj7     ab      Bbm7      F7/C

    Ebm11      db/f          ab      Gb/ab
Her sundress,      pink and white

   Ebm11   db/f        ab
An orchid       in her hair

    ab      db/f  Bbm7    Ebm7  db  ab
As lovely a sight      as ever  to  me

     Gm7-5 C7 Fm7   Bbm7  Ebm7  db      ab
Were I     a  stran ger   would she woo me

  ab/Gb          Fm7   Gbmaj7     
I can?t help but won   der

      Bbm7         db/f  Bb6/9
These last days of sum   mer

F9              Bb/F
Thinking the un thinkable

F9                  bb  f+5/bb  bb
Chased   with lemon tea

ab            ab/Gb  db/f
Thoughts that never  crossed my mind

     Abdim G7     Cadd9
When I was twenty-three

    Gdim  Gb7  Badd9 Gb/B Badd9
Too busy being me

  F9                 Bb/F
A ship once hailed unsinkable

   ab/Gb              bb  f+5/bb  bb 
Is floundering in the deep

  C       C/Bb               F/A  Am7 
A boy who once prayed to his God

                    f3   Gb   f   Gb    f   bb    ag
Ab7             db     Gb/db  db  Gb/db db  Gb/db ab/db
For his soul to keep
                                 c4     db      C
      f            G7-9          C      Bbm/C   C
Would settle for a good  night?s sleep 

   Fm     C7-9          Fm/D  C7-9
My father warned of the waning years

                            c4    db    f    e
     db     Db9   G7-5      ab    db    G7   C
What every man         goes through

  Fm/C        Dbdim        Fm/D         Edim
I thought him weak and too fraught with fear

                                   c4    db   D    e
   Fm/eb  Fm/D     Db7-5  G7       ab    db   G7   C
To see         his tragic point of view

       F/A     Bbm6 
It?s a sad clich?

         F/C               Bbm6/db 
But ever since he?s passed away

     ab/C      Dbdim      Fm/Ab  C/Ab
He?s ever more present to me

        Gadd9/D   B7/D 
Looking past my prime

       Gadd9/D        B7/D 
Waging war on Father Time

      d5            C     b4      bb........   
      Bb/D         F7/C   B       bb  Bb-5 
Dad I think I understand,    finally

ab     f    f       eb 
ab/bb  Bb9 Dm7-5/ab B/F#

   c#4     c#     c#      C      bb....
    A7    Dbm/ab  Gm7-5   F7     bb.... 

Bbm             Cdim        F7/C        Bbm
Strange that my eyes should gain more sight

       Bb7-9   Ebm    Eb7-9     F7/eb F7/db  F7/C   F7
As the days  begin to lose the li-    ight
Bbm    Bb11  Adim  F7/A  db/ab 
Winter looms on    my ho rizon

Gb6    db/f      Ebm7   Dbmaj7
Look at me in my summer wear

           clar: a4    ab  Gb  f.....  
Gb6        Gdim  F7
Completely un        pre pared

   Ebm11          ab
We wrestle in the grass

     Ebm11    db       ab
He?s grown so tall so quick

  ab          db/f Bbm7    Ebm7 db     ab
I struggle to get      the bet  ter of him

Gm7-5 F#7-5   Fm7  Bbm7     Ebm7 db      ab
Just  how     much        I tru  ly love him

ab/Gb          Fm7 
This I?ve dis  covered

      Bbm7         db/f Gbmaj7 
These last days of sum  mer


   eb4   f    Gb    ab    db     Gb    f   f   eb
   ab        Ab7/Gb db/f  Bbm7   Ebm7  db      ab

Gm7-5   F#9-5  Fm7  Bbm7   Ebm7 db      ab
Just    how    much      I tru  ly love them

  ab4   c5   ab4   eb  f
ab/Gbmaj7              Gbmaj7

       db/f             Gbmaj7
?These last days of sum mer

f5   f  C       f  f    C      D   eb  f  Gb   f   eb
Fm/bb  Ebm6/bb Fm/bb   Ebm6/bb bb         Ebm6/bb

f5   f  C       f  f    C       f  f    C           
Fm/bb  Ebm6/bb Fm/bb   Ebm6/bb  Fm/bb   Ebm6/bb        

d5  eb  f  Gb   f   eb   f5   f  C         bb4........
bb         Ebm6/bb       Fm/bb   Ebm6/bb   bb............

transcription and chart 
Peter Kruger casparus@yahoo.ca
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