• Song:

    China Doll

  • Artist:

    Grateful Dead

  • Album:

    From the Mars Hotel

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CHINA DOLL - Grateful Dead
Words by Robert Hunter
Music by Jerome Garcia

Dm: xx0231      Fmaj7: xx3210   Bo7: x2x131
Bb: x13331      A7: x02020

in 4/4 except the line "china doll" which is in 2/4

Dm            Fmaj7          Bo7                   Bb
A pistol shot at five o'clock; the bells of heaven ring.
If you can abide it let the   hurdy-gurdy          play.

A7               Dm                 F                C
Tell me what you done it for.  No I won't tell you a thing.
Stranger ones have come by here before they flew   away.

Dm          Fmaj7      Bo7              Bb
Yesterday I begged you before I hit the ground.
I will not condemn you nor yet would I deny.

A7              Dm              F               C
All I leave behind me is        only what I've found.
I would ask the same of you but failing, will not die.

1st time through -> A7
2nd time -> Am A7 D

D                     A            G
Take up you china doll.  It's only fractured;

                               D    G D  G                 D
Just a little nervous from the fall.     La la la la la la la.

I would love chords for Brokedown please someone else supply those.
I have many other songs chords including some to thier covers.
Unfortunatley my ftp is all fucked up for the summer and then some so I
can only post 'em or email 'em.  I'd like to get more, especially songs
like Dark Hollow, Race is On, etc. etc. I'm sure they are terribly easy
but I just never get around to figuring them out.

Just a little nervous from the fall,

Thanks to the original poster.

Paul Z
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