• Song:

    Keep Your Day Job

  • Artist:

    Grateful Dead

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Maybe you collect or maybe you pay (whether)
Still got to work that eight hour day
D                     A      E
Whether you like that job or not
You'd better keep it on ice
             A              E
While you're lining up your long shot
            B             D
Which is to say, hey hey, hey

          A   A7
Keep your day job
D              D7
Don't give it away,
          A   A7
Keep your day job,
D             D7
Whatever they say
          A   F#7
Keep your day job
 B         D     E   A        D   B7   E
'Till your night job pays.

Steady boys starting that eight day hour
Never underrate that paycheck power
By now you know that the face on your dollar
Got a thumb on its nose and a hand on your collar
Which is to say, hey, hey, hey


Daddy may drive a Sting-Ray 'Vette
Mama may bathe in champagne yet
God bless the child that's got his own stash
Nine to five and a place to crash
Which is to say, hey, hey, hey


Sunday comes forget about work,
Ring that bell for whatever it's worth.
If you ask me, which I know you don't,
I'd tell you to do what I know you won't
Which is to say, hey, hey, hey
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