• Song:

    Barque In The Harbour

  • Artist:

    Great Big Sea

  • Album:

    Sea of No Cares

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Tabbed by Owen Tosh

Dm  C  Dm  C
Dm  C  Dm  C

        Dm                C          C           Dm
From a barque in the harbour I went roaming on shore
            F       C              Dm           C
And stepped into a pub where I was oft times before
    F         Dm            C          Dm
And as I was sitting and enjoying my glass
      Dm                C     C             Dm  C  Dm  C
Who chanced to walk in but a young Spanish lass

     Dm              C             C          Dm
She sat down beside me and kept squeezing my hand
        F              C          Dm           C
Saying Sir you're a stranger not long to this land
          F            Dm                C               Dm
Will you roam , Johnny Sailor, would you roam along with me
    Dm                  C      C        Dm  C
To some lonesome spot where nobody can see

               F               C               Dm             C
    Don't you leave me Johnny Sailor were the words she did cry
     Dm            C        F         C
    Waving and weeping and wiping her eyes
      F             C           Dm           C
    When you reach home in your own Newfoundland
          Dm               C                C            Dm  C  Dm  C
    Think of the young Spaniard who kept squeezing your hand

    Dm           C        C          Dm
I quickly consented with her for to roam
     F           C         Dm          C
She lived by herself in a neat little home
          F               Dm           C              Dm
She was brisk, plump and jolly and her age scare nineteen
         Dm              C      C         Dm  C  Dm  C
And the name of that maiden I think was Irene

     Dm               C         C            Dm
One fine summer's morning our ship, she set sail
     F           C              Dm         C
And down by the seashore lovely Irene she came
        F          Dm              C         Dm
Waving her pocket hankerchief and wiping her eyes
       Dm                 C            C              Dm  C
Don't leave me Johnny Sailor were the words she did cry

      Dm                C         C              Dm
I'll give you farewell love on a fine summer's breeze
     F             C                   Dm          C
But love don't forget me when you're crossing the sea
      F           Dm            C            Dm
And when you are married and enjoying your bride
      Dm               C       C           Dm
Think on the young maiden who lay by your side
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