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    Live at the House

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From:   Opiv4me [Opiv4me@aol.com]
Sent:   Tuesday, January 06, 1998 4:30 PM

Song:   Lipstick
Artist: Guttermouth
transcribed by: Chase Woodford (Opiv4me@aol.com)

Drum intro...then
        Play this all the way down to the solo...

On a tuesday afternoon, My mom came into my room
And said get the f**k up otta bed, And get a god d**m job
So I told her hey f**k you mom, And threw the phone at her head
But I missed and hit her in the cunt, So I slammed the door in her face
And said don't barge in my room, Or I'll kick you @$$ and call the cops
And tell them I'm abused, And you'll wind up in jail
While I snowboard in vail, No one to post your bail
Cuz daddy loves me more, He says that you're a...



Your worthless, your lazy, your stupid, alittle over weight.
Now give me twenty bucks.
No make it fifty bucks.



Now mom writes me letters, i write return to sender
Let her rot in her cell, I watch the dogs mate on her bed
So sorry mommy I had to pawn,the china, silver, and all your jewelry
I had to eat and rent a bunch of prostitutes..
Like you

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