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G               D               C                         G             D             C 
G                                D                       C      
You said someday i'm gonna break your heart the first night that we met  

Let the good times find their own way home  I'd kiss you good bye but You're already 
                 Em                           D     
Were you warnin' me, just seein' how close i'd get 

gone.  Cryin'now, just tryin' now to wash me away 
G                         D             C                   
We lay down in a lovers sigh as a million years of time rolled by 

When you look back on the times we've had let the good ones wash away the bad 
Em                                                  D 
How can I be hopin' that it's not over yet 

Don't look back own these bitter words we spoke today 
Em                       D      C          
I can't hold on to the night  Things change ain't nothin' ever stays the same. 
Em                    D            C 
You're gone as far as I can see. 
Em                      D     C 
If you feel like lettin' go  Honey I don't wanna be the last to know.    
            Em                       C              D 
I wanna hold on tight to the sweet meomory 
                                   G                  D              C                         G               D                 C            
of you lovin' me                                                          
2nd verse 
Repeat 1st verse 
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