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G                   C           G
Outside Goldsmith's coughing up blood
                          D             G
Turner Prize judge gasps "Christ that's good:
                         C         G
Leave it as it is, it'll get first place
                            D           G
We'll call it 'A full shift at the coal face'".
               C         G             D7  G
Oh well you're neither a Stuckist or a Y B A
              C        G     D7      G
And you're no longer a miner as of today.
                       C        G
Praise for the wardens ready to fine
                      D         G
Anyone caught saying 'graphic design'
                    C         G
Rag mag seller said I'd be in pleats
                    D                G
Only when he'd been cleaned from the streets.
           C          G             D7          G
Oh I could squeeze my lemon 'til my blues went away
   C         G           D7      G
If I had possession over Pancake Day.
           C      G         D7           G
Give a philosophy student a glass of limeade
    C       G              D7           G
And he will say 'is this a glass of limeade?'
     C      G           D7           G
And 'if so, why is it a glass of limeade?'
   C        G    D7            G
And after a while he'll die of thirst.
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