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Verse 1: 
D5  C5   F5 
Here I am 
D5    C5                 F5 
Resting in Your love 
D5 C5        F5 
All that I want 
          Eb5      Bb5      C5 
Is to touch Your heart 
Verse 2: 
            D5             C5                F5 
Your Words are filled with grace 
           D5           C5              F5 
Your presence fills this place 
   D5   C5        F5 
I know I am safe 
          Eb5   Bb5       C5 
In my Fa-ther?s love 
F5       C5                  D5 
You are my Hope and my Refuge 
F5                C5              D5 
In You I know who I am 
F5                    C5                     D5 
Father my arms are wide open 
Eb5                 Bb5                      C5 
When I am weak You are strong  

Bb5             C5 
All that I have Lord 
   A5         D5 
I give it to You 
Bb5             C5                  D5 
  I put my life in Your hands 
Bb5                    C5 
More than a friend 
                   A5          D5 
You?re the Reason I live 
Eb5                Bb5              C5 
I?m gonna praise You forever
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