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I'm Gonna Love You To Pieces, Jeremy Messersmith

Capo 5

Em      Am             F           C
I had a thought that I never could capture
Em      Am              F
holding you and holding back
Em             Am           F            C
but I held too tight and it broke and it shattered
Em    Am                 F
I was watching while you cracked

Em              Am          F         C
The day at the lake when I made funny faces
Em           Am                 F
and then we laughed so hard it hurt
Em           Am      F           C
and now I'm a ghost, floating and shapeless
Em        Am                F
trying to come back down to earth

    F    C         Dm
And I'll come back down
F    C         Dm
I'll come back down (2x)


Em        Am                 F          C
I've made mistakes and I've blown second chances
Em           Am             F
There's some things I can't reverse
Em          Am        F      C
But I don't want more mini romances
Em        Am                F
I want to love you til you burst

Em          Am            F          C
So ready or not I'm gonna love you to pieces
Em       Am              F
the only way that I know How
Em         Am              F          C
I've got a hunch that your just what I needed
Em         Am                F
I'm gonna love you till you burst
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