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Hey there I'm Omar and this is the first tab I submit. This is a very good song, it is a 
song, it has a great message and I would like to dedicate it to a girl that I wanted 
she didn't wanted me until now, that I don't like her, This goes to you GABRIELLA,from PR

Just go

 Intro- C#m, E, F#, A-B. x2
          C#m       E
I trusted you
 F#                    A     B
Yeah that would be my first mistake
C#m    E            F#
Yeah I...I've been lied to
A              B        C#m       E
Your eyes are ice cold blue
  F#m            A     B         A   B
A mirror of the heart inside of youoooou

You can't walk back in my life
You had your chance to be by my side
         A                      B
I don't have to hear you cry to know

     C#m        A
Just go
   E                   B
I gave you my word and I promised to love you
C#m      A
Go, it's over
E         B
You had your chance
     C#m          A
Just go
        E                  B                         A
There's nothing inside me that still feels connected to you
   E                 B
To me you're already gone

                  C#m,E, F#,
I got a new love now
A         B          C#m, E, F#, A
She's my new love now
                 C#m       E
And she loves me so
F#                A    B
Takes me where you never took me
C#m     E     F#         A
Although you tried too
              B       C#         E
Her eyes they read so true
   F#                 A      B        A   B
So different from the way it was with yoooouu
I don't need you in my life
Forgot what it's like to be satisfied
         A                          B
I don't wanna hear you cry 'cause I know


Takin' a look at these photographs

Fightin' my tears I try to relax

'Cause you came and you left and it all went by so fast

[Chorus X2]

I got a new love now
           C#m     E
I trusted you
     F#               A
And that would be my first mistake.

     Thanks hope you enjoy it, I know it's the same one as the Soundtrack.
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