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Leavin' Acoustic - Jesse McCartney

As played in this video of Jesse McCartney performing his song acoustically on KISS FM 
Johnjay and Rich: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tzv71rz-zo

Tabbed by: BadLuckMonday

Tuning: Standard E

Chords Used:
    A   D   E           E <-- This E chord is played by Rich instead of the
e|--x---x---x---|   e|--0--|   power chord for a fuller sound in the chorus
B|--x---x---x---|   B|--0--|
G|--x---7---9---|   G|--1--|
D|--7---7---9---|   D|--2--|
A|--7---5---7---|   A|--2--|
E|--5---5---7---|   E|--0--|

Intro:   A D E D

Verses:   A D E D

Chorus:  A D E(the 2nd one) D

So basically, that's the whole song. Watch the video to listen for strumming patterns. 
can add little do-da's to spice up the song a bit to make it a little less boring to play haha.

Enjoy! :)
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