• Song:

    Skimbleshanks The Railway Cat

  • Artist:

    Jesus Christ Superstar

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SONG: Skimbleshanks: The Railway Cat
ARTIST: Andrew Lloyd Webber

From the musical, Cats


E    C#m/E    F#m7/E    B/E   
E    C#m/E    F#m7/E    B/E   

E  C#m/E  F#m7/E  B/E   
Skimbleshanks the 
E  C#m/E  F#m7/E    B/E   
Railway Cat, 
    E          B7/E  F#m/E   
the Cat of the Railway 
E    C#m/E    F#m7/E    B/E   
          E                B/D#     C#m          E/B  
There's a whisper down the line at eleven thirty nine
         A            D/A   A    E
When the Night Mail's ready to depart
         F#m/E             B7/E  
Saying, "Skimble, where is Skimble?
       E+2              E/B  
Has he gone to hunt the thimble?
        Abm             A     A/B   E
We must find him or the train can't start"

        E                  B/D#  
All the guards and all the porters
        C#m              E/B  
And the station master's daughters
         A         D/A  A   A/E   E   
Would be searching high and low
        F#m              B7/E          E+2/B          E/B  
Saying "Skimble where is Skimble for unless he's very nimble
         Abm        A    A/B   E
Then the night mail just can't go."

    E                        G/E        F#m/E  
At eleven forty two with the signal overdue
        E              G/E          F#m/E   E  
And the passengers all frantic to a man
       A              E/G#         F#m11          E/G#  
That's when I would appear and I'd saunter to the rear
         A           E/G#    F#m11
I'd been busy in the luggage van!


        E        B/D#         C#m         E/B  
Then he gave one flash of his glass green eyes
        A      D/A   A   A/E   E  
And the signal went "All Clear!"
          F#m/E  B7/E         E+2/B    E/B         Abm      A  A/B    
They'd be off at last for the northern part of the Northern Hemi 

 E   C#m/E  F#m7/E   
B/E  E  C#m/E   
the Railway 
F#m7/E    B/E   
    E          B/E  A/E  E    C#m/E    F#m7/E   
The Cat of the Railway Train
B/E       E               B/D#         C#m           E/B  
You could say that by and large it was me who was in charge
       A        D/A    
Of the Sleeping Car 
A  E              F#m/E          B7/E          E+2/B          E/B  
Express, from the driver and the guards to the bagmen playing cards
        Abm            A   A/B     E
I would supervise them all more or less

         E           B/D#        C#m            E/B  
Down the corridor he paces and examines all the faces
       A                 D/A  A        A/E   E  
Of the travellers in the first and the third
      F#m/E       B7/E      E+2/B     E/B  
He establishes control by a regular patrol
         Abm             A  A/B      E
And he'd know at once if anything occurred

         E                                G/E      A7/E     F#m/E  
He would watch you without winking and he saw what you were thinking
         R       A7/E    G/E       F#m/E    A7/E    E   
And it's certain that he didn't approve
     A          E/G#        F#m            E/G#  
Of hilarity and riot so the folk were very quiet
     A            E/G#            F#m11
When Skimble was about and on the move


          E       B/D#        C#m    E/B  
You could play no pranks with Skimbleshanks!
       A        D/A      A   A/E   E  
He's a cat that cannot be ignored
   F#m/E        B7/E         E+2/B    E/B   
So nothing went wrong on the Northern Mail
     Abm    A      A/B  E6
When Skimbleshanks was aboard


E           Bm7                  E                  Bm7  
It was very pleasant when they'd found their little den
           E            Bm7
With their name written up on the door. 
Woo! Woo!

        E              Bm7
And the berth was very neat with a newly folded sheet
And not a speck of dust upon the floor

          E             Bm7
There was every sort of light
You could make it dark or bright
And a button you could turn to make a breeze
Woo! Woo!

      E            Bm7
And a funny little basin you're supposed to wash your face in
And a crank to shut the window should you sneeze

         A               D                  G            E  
Then the guard looked in politely and would ask you very brightly,
        A                             E
"Do you like your morning tea weak or strong?"
    A            E/G#             F#m7       E/G#  
But I was just behind him and was ready to remind him
    A                 E/G#        F#m7 (2 bars)
For Skimble won't let anything go wrong

          E       B/D#     C#m  E/B        A             D/A  A  A/E   E  
When they crept into their cosy berths and pulled up the counterpane
     A/B         B7                  Esus2/B  E/B  
They all could reflect that it was very nice
   A/B            B7          Esus2/B         E/B  
To know that they wouldn't be bothered by mice
           A/B       B7              Esus2/B  E  
They could leave all that to the Railway Cat
    Abm        A   A/B  E
The Cat of the Railway Train

F   Dm/F  Gm7/F   
C/F  F  Dm/F   
the Railway 
Gm7/F    C/F   
    F          C7/F  Gm/F   
The Cat of the Railway 
F    Dm/F    Gm7/F    C/F   
       F              C/E         Dm               F  
In the watches of the night I was always fresh and bright
      Bb               Eb/Bb  Bb     F
Every now and then I'd have a cup of tea
        Gm/F           C7/F               F+2            F  
With perhaps a drop of scotch while I was keeping on the watch
     Am                Bb       Bb/C    F
Only stopping here and there to catch a flea

          F              C/E       Dm            F  
They were fast asleep at Crewe and so they never knew
           Bb      Eb/Bb  Bb       F
That I was walking up and down the station
          Gm/F             C7/F        Fsus2       F  
They were sleeping all the while I was busy at Carlisle
        Am              Bb     Bb/C  F
Where I met the station master with elation

           F                       Ab/F           Gm7/F  
They might see me at Dumfries if I summoned the police
             F             Ab/F           Gm/F   F  
If there was anything they ought to know about
          Bb           F/A             Gm7             F/A  
When they got to Gallowgate there they did not have to wait
    Bb                  F/A              Gm7/11
For Skimbleshanks would help them to get out!


C13  C7  
And he 
F           C/E         Dm         F  
gives you a wave of his long brown tail
      Bb                  F
Which says "I'll see you again!
       Gm/F         C7/F        Fsus2    F  
You'll meet without fail on the Midnight Mail
    Am7        Bb  Bb/C  F
The Cat of the Railway Train!"

F   C/E   Dm   F   Bb
Gm/F   C7/F   F

    Am7        Bb  Bb/C  F (2 bars)
The Cat of the Railway Train
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