• Song:

    Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again Wandering Child

  • Artist:

    Jesus Christ Superstar

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Gm               Eb
You were once my one companion
Cm                D
You were all that mattered
Gm              Fm
You were once a friend and father
Eb         Cm        D
   Then my world was shattered

Wishing you were somehow here agains
Am/G                     D/G
Wishing you were somehow near
C            D/C    Bm7       Em
Sometimes it seemed if I just dreamed
Bm7         Em       D
Somehow you would be here

Wishing I could here your voice again
Am/G                 D/G
Knowing that I never would
C           D/C       Bm7        Em
Dreaming of you won't help me to do
Bm7              Em        D
    All that you dreamed I could

Gm                Eb
Passing bells and sculpted angels,
Gm           D
Cold and monumental
Gm               Fm
Seem for you the wrong companion,
         Gm       D
You were warm and gentle

G Am/G D

C        D/C
Too many years
Bm7           Em
Fighting back tears
Bm7               Em        D
    Why can't the past just die!

Wishing you were here again
Cm/Bb                   F7
Knowing we must say goodbye

Eb        F/Eb
Try to forgive
Dm7         Gm
Teach me to live
Dm7         Gm          F7
Give me the strength to try!

No more memories
F/Bb    Eb
No more silent tears
        Bb      F/Bb      Eb  F7/Bb
No more gazing across the wasted years

        Eb  F/Bb Bb
Help me say    good bye
        Eb  F/Bb Bb
Help me say    good bye!

Bb     F     Eb     F
Bb     F     Bb

[[[Christine is on top when there are two lines]]]

Bb        F         Eb       F
Wandering child; so lost, so helpless,

Bb           F  Bb
Yearning for my guidance.

B        F#      E         F         
Angel or father? Friend or phantom?

B         F#    B
Who is it there staring?
                Have you forgotten your 

B          F#          E       F#
Angel, oh, speak. What endless longings

B       F#   B
Echo in this whisper?

Abm                         E
Too long you've wandered in winter

C#m                   Eb7
Far from my fathering gaze.

Abm                   E
Wildly my mind beats against you
                             You resist

         C#m    Eb7
Yet my   soul obeys.
You your soul obeys

C#       Ab    F#    Ab
Angel of Music you denied me,
Angel of Music I   denied you,

C#           Ab   C#
turning from true beauty
turning from true beauty.

C#       Ab    F#       Ab
Angel of Music my pro---tect-or,
Angel of Music I  won't shun you,
C#           Ab      C#
come to your strange Angel
come to me   strange Angel

I am your Angel of Music; come to me Angel of Music...
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