• Song:

    Tomorrows Gonna Be A Brighter Day

  • Artist:

    Jim Croce

  • Album:

    Jim Croce - 36 All-Time...

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Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 11:28:23 -0500
From: "John B. McLeroy" 
Subject: PRO: r/croce_jim/tomorrow's_gonna_be_a_brighter_day.crd

Tomorrow's Gonna Be a Brighter Day
Words and music by Jim Croce
transcribed by John B. McLeroy 

Each line is a measure, unless otherwise noted.

Well, I'm
[G]sorry for the [G7]things I [C]told you, but
[G]words only [G7]go so [C]far. And if I
[G]had my way I would [Am7]reach into heaven and I'd
[Em]pull you [F]down a [C]star for a present. And I'd
[G]make you a chain out of [C]diamonds or
[Am7]pearls from a [F]summer sea. [C]But
[G]all I can give you is a [Am7]kiss in the mornin' and a
[Em]sweet a[F]pology. //half measure
[G] [C]
[G] [C]Well, I
[G]know that it hasn't been eas[C]y. And I
[G]haven't always been around [C]to
[G]say the right words, or to [Am7]hold you in the mornin', or to
[Em]help you [F]when you're down. [C]I know I
[G]never showed you much of a good [C]time, but baby
[Am7]things are [F]gonna change. [C]I'm gonna
[G]make up for all of the [Am7]hurt I brought, I'm gonna
[Em]love away [F]all your pain. //half measure

[C]And To-
[G]morrow's gonna [Em]be a brighter day;
[Am7]there's gonna [D7]be some changes. To-
[G]morrow's gonna [Em]be a brighter day;
[Am7]this [D7]time you can believe me.
[G]No more cryin' in your [C]lonely room,
[Am7]no more [F]empty [C]nights, 'Cause to-
[G]morrow mornin' [Am7]everything'll [D7]turn out
[G]right. [C]

[G] [C]Well there's
[G]something that I gotta tell [C]you; yes I
[G]got something on my [C]mind. But
[G]words come hard when you're [Am7]lyin' in my arms, and when I'm
[Em]lookin' deep in[F]to your [C]eyes. But there's
[G]truth and consola[C]tion in
[Am7]what I'm [F]tryin' to [C]say, is that
[G]nobody ever had a [Am7]rainbow, baby un-
[Em]til he [F]had the rain. //half measure
(repeat Chorus)
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