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Artist: Joseph Arthur
Song: Turn You On
Album: Temporary People
Tuning: EADGBe

I made this tab from a live version (Check it out if you like: 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GZ5kPun7Ho&feature=fvsr ) 
As usual Jo adds a lot of hammer on's all along the song, some significant ones in 
this song on the F/C and the Am in the chorus.
Have fun :)
Strumming is kinda like: D DUUU UDU... 

Chords required:

F (x33210)
C   (x32010)
G*  (32003x)
Am  (x02210)


F               C
She opens every door 
F                       C
Never calls you by your name 
F                            C
And when you say it's time to go 
G*                 G*
She looks at you like you?re insane 

F                       C
But when she hears you play
F                   C 
She tries to sing along
F                               C 
She gets up and dances on the chair
G*               G* 
Makes you laugh when she sings 

Am      F    C    G*
You say I don't turn you on
Am    F    C    G* 
Until it's time for me to go 

And so on...

She only cries at night 
When the children are gone 
She gets up to wipe away her eyes 
In the blue light of the dawn 

Laying on your chest 
She's like a tiny cat 
Brought up and broken on the street
You know shes the only one that even knows where you're at 

You say I don't turn you on 
Until it's time for me to go 

She says crawl over here 
I got something else to say 
Poring whiskey in your coffee cup 
She says I swore you liked it that way 

She tells you how to stay alive 
Acting like she's cleaning up your place 
You can see every single star in the sky 
Written on the expression of her lonely face 

You say I don't turn you on 
Until it's time for me to go
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