• Song:

    Right Where You Are

  • Artist:

    Josh Bunce

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Right Where You Are
see.right.through.me (2011)

capo 4

Em  C2  G  D/F#  (x2)

Verse 1:
Em                              C2
I'm moving you in the right direction
       G                                   D/F#
It's more than just a case of emotional affection
Em             C2                               G           D2
Isn't it obvious, you mean more to me than life
Em                                     C2
I gave it all because you're so worth saving
      G                                                  D/F#
So why do you assume that you have out run favour?
Em          C2                                       G        D
All that I really want is for you to want me

Am7               C                   G               D/F#
Oh no, you've no idea, the choice you make
Am7               C                            G           D2
Well dear, the chance you take anticipate

G                 D                  C2
You'll fall, I tell you that's ok
     Em          D/F#
If you're in my arms
G            D                   C2
You can, remain in my heart
Em      D/F#         Em
Right where you are

Verse 2:
I made my plan for you before you even knew me
Before you even thought that you could see right through me
Everything that was wrong in your life will change
Oh it will change, its like.

Em         C2                            G                    D
I've been looking at you and everything you have
Em          C2                              G                       D/F#
I've been staring at you, what's underneath your heart
Em           C2                         G                     D
I've been looking at you and everything you are
Em C2      G            D/F#        
I've been watching you and I know
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