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D       C      G 
Woke up 5 a.m , put on my camouflage  
D            C        G 
wiped off my .243 and fired up my dodge 
D             C           G 
headed out to my old deerstand back in the pines 
D              C                  G 
gonna get me a 10 point buck with 11 inch tines, yeah 
Settled in hidin from the wind waitin on the sun 

You might end up bein' my supper if you get in the way of my gun 

It's so still i can hear the train from ten miles away 

If I'm here 8 hours from now it'll be okay, yeah 

             D              C       G         D      
'Cause I'm a backwoods boy, grew up on a dirt road 
      D                     C               G 
I'm a backwoods boy with no better place to go 
C                 D                  C              D  
Waitin' on a deer wishin' on a star, I'll always be true to my heart 
             D          C   G               D 
'Cause I'm a backwoods boy, I'm a backwoods boy  
Sittin' on the bank of Lynches river with a little campfire 
Sleepin' on the ground, diggin' the sound of a backwoods choir 
Talkin to the man on the moon way up in the sky 
He told me to let my worries roll on by, yeah 
I'm a backwoods boy 
I'm a backwoods boy 
Backwoods boy 
I'm a backwoods boy
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