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    After The Fall

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Intro     G         Notes played    C# D B

Riff 1 A A G/A G   x3          G/D G/E G/F# G/E

D            A                        Em                        Bm             
I just had a really bad fall and this time it was harder to get up than before 
  D                            A                 Em (Hold)
I shouted to the heavens and a vision appeared I cried out "Can you help?",
     G                    Riff1
it replied "Not at all" 
G                      Riff 1   G                    Riff 1  G            
After the fall is over          You'll be on your own        After the fall is over 
            D                  A                         Bm                G
There'll be wrecks to clear in this war zone There'll be much to clean and time to atone 
    D                       A                   Bm                          G
But while it's dark you can shelter here In the bleak midwinter when you're feeling the fear 
                 Em (hold)         A           Riff 2 D     A   G    D D    Riff1
Ah, but when the mist clears, the sun will shine again 
  G                           Riff1  G                         Riff1 G                           Riff1
A life's gotta have direction        After the deals are done        You gotta ask the question 
D                    A                      Em
Ask yourself why you go through it all When morality kicks in, 
who will catch you when you fall 
      D                     A                       Em
I'm a sinner waiting at the traveler's rest Seeking refuge from the storm , 
and I'm a grateful guest 
      D                    A
And a prophet cries out in high platitudes 
  Em                         Bm
I smile and say, "Hey, I was just passing through" 
       D                         A
And an angel cries, "Wait, we'll tell you when to move" 
     Em                             D                     Riff 1
Even at the gates of Heaven I'll be waiting in a queue 
G                                Riff1  G                            Riff1
Seems like I'm falling upwards          Into the great white blue 
G                           Riff1
And all my imperfections 
  :..:  D                    A
You can learn your lines and fabricate a show 
        Bm                    G :..:
But the way we come in, yeah, that's the way we're gonna go 

We cheat and lie to conquer our fears 

We can put on a smile just to cover up the tears
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