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the kinks

guitar 1

starts in with a little bit of palm muting on E chord up on the 7th fret of the a string
e----------------- ----------------------------------------------|
B----------------- ---------------------7h8----------------------|
G-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9- -9--7----7--6--4--7-------9-------------------|
D-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9- -9--7----7--6--4--7---------------------------|
A-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7- -7--5----5--4--2--4---------------------------|
E----------------- ----------------------------------------------| pm...............

after that u repeat it but with out the palm mutes

then it goes in the main beat of the whole song which is

riff 1                     Riff 2
e------------------       e---------------------|
B-22222--2222------       B-22222-2222----------|
G-22222--22224p2p0 x2     G-22222-2222----------| x3
D-22222--2222------       D-22222-2222-----0-2--|
A-00000--0000------       A-00000-0000-0-3------|
E------------------       E---------------------|

on the third time of riff 2 ray starts singing and then it will switch to

riff 3

e-22222-2222---------------|      Then u go back to riff 2 you'll hear it
G-22222-2222-----0-2-------| x1

then the chorus comes in and it's a little different but pretty much same stuff

you'll play A chord but not the riff and then when u hear the switch u play riff
3 twice then u play A chord and then hit a single D
so it goes

A/A/A/A   A/A/A/D ,riff 3 X2 ,A/A/A/A   A/A/A/D ,then riff 3 X1

Then the last time he does a little riff


then repeat what ever needed until the next part I play on the high e string


im not sure about hammer ons or pull offs if there is any but if so please speak up and correct me


i'm not sure about those but seems close.

The last part of the song that changes is the bridge or what ever u call it

it goes

A, D, F, C and u play  A D F by hitting it on the bar chord then pm it....then
C is play with the strumming pattern of the riffs above. Then all repeats

the ending changes a little to he goes from E ,to G then f#,E, D
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