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    The Village Green Prese...

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F     C                          F
Baby, you don't know what you're saying

C                          Bb      Am Gm F
Because you're a victim of pride's city  lights

         Bb   Am Gm  F
And your mind is not right

              C       F       Bb
You think the world's at your feet

'Cos you're starstruck baby starstruck

You're starstruck baby starstruck

Starstruck baby starstruck

                         Am     Gm F
You know that you're starstruck on me

Baby, you're runnin' around like you're crazy
You go to a party and dance through the night
And you'll drink 'til you're tied
And then you're out on your feet

Bop, bop; etc.   F-C-Bb    C-Bb-Am-Gm  C-Bb-Am-Gm

Baby, watch out or else you'll be blue
'Cos once you're addicted to wine and champagne
It's gonna drive you insane
Because the world's not so tame
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