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    The Big Black Smoke

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From: Harlan L Thompson 


Em       Em/D#    Em/D     Em/Db   Em/C
She was sick and tired of country life
A little country home, a little country home
                     B Bsus4 B Bsus4 B
Made her blood run cold
Now her mother pines her heart away
                  G           D         Em
Looking for her child in the big black smoke
 G       D        Em   Em/D# Em/D Em/Db 
In the big black smoke

Frailest, purest girl the world has seen
According to her ma, according to her pa
And everybody said
That she knew no sin and did no wrong
Till she walked the streets of the big black smoke
Of the big black smoke

Well she slept in cafes and coffee bars and bowling alleys
                     Em G D
And every penny she had
      G                             B
Was spent on purple hearts and cigarettes

Ah, she took all her pretty coloured clothes
Ran away from home, the boy next door
For a boy named Joe
And he took the money for the rent
Tried to drag her down in the big black smoke
In the big black smoke

  G      D          Em
(In the big black smoke) In the big black smoke
G        D          Em                      D C D
(In the big black smoke) In the big black smoooooke
 D  C  D     D  C  D    D  C  D   D C D  D C D
Smoooooke, smoooooke, smoooooke, oh oh, oh oh

Em/D#: 0 2 2 0 4 0   Em/D (Em7): 0 2 2 0 3 0   
Em/Db (Em6): 0 2 2 0 2 0   Em/C:  0 2 2 0 1 0
Bsus4: 2 2 4 4 5 2

(from The Kinks Kronikles)
(sent by Harlant@hawaii.edu)
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