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Capo 5
Intro- D Bm G Em A (once)
D                            Bm                             G
Last night out of the blue driftin off to the evening news she said honey 
                   Em           A       D                               Bm
what would you do if you never met me. I just smiled said I don't know but I 
                                    G                           Em
could take a couple guesses though then tried to dig real deep said darling 
 D                                   Bm                                  G
 I'd do alot more offshore fishing probably eat more drive-thru chicken take 
                                Em                 A          D
a few strokes off my golf game if i'd never known your name. I'd still be 
                            Bm                                    G
drivin that old green Nova probably would've never heard of yoga be a better 
              Em               A         Bm                          G
football fan but if I was a single man, alone and out there on the loose, 
            Em                 A
well i'd be looking for a woman like you.

Repeat same pattern

Well I can tell I got her attention, so I said oh yeah I forgot to mention, I 
wouldn't trade a single day for a hundred years the other way. She just smiled and 
rolled her eyes, cause she's heard all of my lines, I said come on girl seriously, 
if I hadn't been so lucky 

D                                       Bm                            G
I'd be shootin pool in my bachelor pad playing bass in my cover band be 
                            Em                   A              D
stocking up cold bud lights for poker every tuesday night yeah have a dirt 
                  Bm                             Em       
bike in the shed not one cold pillow on the bed, keep my cash in a cofee can 
  Em               A        Bm                         G      Em
but if I was a single man, alone and out there on the loose, well i'd be 
looking for a woman like you

Bm                                   G                   Em
She knows what a mess i'd be if I didn't have her here, but to be sure, I 
wispered in her ear.

D                                     Bm                              G
You know I get sick deep sea fishing you make the best fried chicken I got a 
                    Em                    A        D
hopeless golf game I love the sound of your name. I might miss that old 
            Bm                              Em     
green Nova but I love watching you do yoga take a gold band on my hand over 
       A             Bm                           G            Em
being a single man, cause honestly I don't know what i'd do, if I never met 
Em         A       D Bm G Em A -end on D
a woman like you.
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