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Men-an-tol Chords by Levellers

Tabbed by WILKO
This is a really good tune - haunting!
Got this from the Zeitgeist song book so should be right.

Chords Used:
D5add9 XX0230
F5add9 XX3011
Dm     XX0231
F      133211
Am     X02210
G      320001

D5add9   F5add9     (repeat an amount of times listen to song)

Dm                                              F
So I find myself among- the brave south western hills--
running like a madman on the moors.

Dm                                       F
Let the sweet atlantic rain wash away my ills-
Men-an-Tol shone strangely in the storm.

  F                         Dm
I get the strangest feeling in the air around-
     F                        Dm
its' more than just a feeling-
  F                         Dm
A different way of seeing a different kind of life-
     F                   Dm
It's something i believe in-

    Am                              Dm
But in amongst the city lights this feelings not so clear-
Am                             Dm
Neon lights and faceless signs hide what I hold dear-
         F                                      G
But it's there to find if you have the mind and you don't live in fear of it.

Can't remember if there is a bridge in here somewhere - if there is it uses Dm , Am and F.

This should be enough for the whole song. Enjoy.
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