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    Time For Heroes

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Artist: The Libertines
Song: Bangkok
Album: Time for heroes EP

(Standard Tuning - EADGBe)
C, Eb, Ab A Bb (x4)

verse 1
C             Eb     D    A   C        Eb    D    A    F       Fm(Stop) 
Your love was only a whisper away, scratch my hands and say
                      C            G    Ab   Bb
There's a better land

C                Eb    D    A   C              Eb       D    A         F     
Well I know your daddy he's not rich, and your mother's a drunkard but you're

            Fm(stop)        C      G    Ab   Bb
The one i worship and adore

    C      Eb                 Ab    A    Bb
But all is whole when they're layin me down,

            C           Eb        Ab   A   Bb
You know it smells like Bangkok in Chinatown,

C                    Eb         Ab    A   Bb     C
             Did you get your pound of flesh today?

Verse 2 (same as verse 1)

I've forgot all that I had, still livin about your pad,
It's a mean unleasant land
Sometimes you come in deep inside, sometimes it doesn't touch the sides,
Like a sausage up an alleyway

(Repeat chorus)

F                    E        Am             C                    F
How innocent is the day, when you smiled and then you lay on your side

    E                G    Ab              G     Ab
Below     outdoor sun?... It's another plan... It's another land

(Repeat verse one, last 8 bars is solo - make up your own using pentatonic scale)
(repeat chorus x2)

End on C, slide down neck then hit C5
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