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    Do The Coral

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this is from the libertines babyshambles session (demo tape). its very rough around the edges -
theres a lot of improvisation but i guess you can figure it out

DO THE CORAL (first two parts) (acoustic guitar)

 intro:   Am / F / Am / F    2x

first part:

Am / F / Am /  F   
 C / G / F
Am / F / Am / F / E


(... and when i'm down...)

Am / F / Am /  F   2x
 C / G / F
Am / F / Am / F / E / F / E / F / E

repeat first part (instrumental)

third part:

(... are you still talking to all of those dead filmstars....)
E / Am / D (repeat.... until....)

fourth part:

(...new love grows on trees...)
G / A / E 

back to third part etc. etc.

as is said, just a help to start. have some creativity, please.
salome oggenfuss
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