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Luke Bryan - Buzzkill
Tabbed by: gamerjrs

You can always use the transpose button on the left if you want to play it with 
different chords. For example, put the capo on fret 4 and tap the down arrow twice 
on the transpose button. 

*~Capo 2~*

Intro: A E B x2

E                                      A
You're like a screen flashing insufficient funds.
B                    C#m       B      A
Cops knocking when the party's just begun.
              E                       B
You're a big rain cloud parked over my boat.
E                                      A
You're a cell phone splashing in my coffee cup.
B                    C#m       B      A
A fumble on the one when my team was going up.
              E                       B
You're like brakes on my brain and all I know...


A                                      E
You're a buzzkill every time you come around.
B                    C#m       B      A
Those beers might as well have been poured out.
                  E                           B
Why are you still showing up and bringing me down?
A                                      E
Why do I keep letting you get to me
B                    C#m       B
And mess up what that's not what's gonna be?
F#m                    G#m                A
You walk right by crashing my high like I know you will
                    E      B
You little buzzkill. 
A          E      B
Baby, you're a buzzkill.

(Same chords as first verse)

I used to do everything I could do to do nice things.
No matter what I did or didn't do it didn't change.
Everybody knows you ended us.
So, while you're showing up here on my side of the tracks
Slipping in this barn just to check out where I'm at.
I was a six pack in. Now I'm sober as a judge.


Cause if it didn't hurt enough now I got to see you flirt
Nailed to the stool, watching you work.
Don't you give a damn about how I feel
You little brown haired, blue eyed, beautiful buzzkill
B               A                  E     B
Yea, yea, yea. You're such buzzkill.

(Chorus to end)
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