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                         PREPARING TO LEAVE - Lunik
Tabbed by: käspi
Email: kg@kgmw.ch

Tuning: one pitch down (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb)

Intro: D Am G D

Verse 1:
D                    Am
 Finally I found the meaning of my being
      G                         D
And I came upon the answers I'd always tried to find
D                      Am
 Finally I crossed the borders of my order
      G                                   D
And I allowed myself to reach out for the throne
         D                      Am                        G
But with no one sitting next to me it's not how it should be
I don't wanna be alone anymore
  D                   Am                      G
I learned to wear the crown over my own inner kingdom
But without you I ain't nowhere at home

Am   G  D Am G   D
...Time... time...

        D                Am
I don't mind dryin' your eyes
          G                D
Hold your hand the day you die
        D                Am
I don't mind if you want more
        G                 D
If it's me you're looking for

Verse 3:
D                      Am                              G
 Every sec i'm someone new because of all the things I do
I'm living, growing, collecting and learning
D                          Am                                G
 But every time I think it through I'd like to share it with you
I should've known
  D             Am                        G
I learned going on like I once sang in my own song
But I wonder if it's right what I've done



Em                   C
 Everybody has got a past
                      G             D                Em
And I'm coming from a place between nowhere and good-bye
I'm always awake 'cause I learned
     A                         Am
That living means preparing to leave

(Chorus 2x)

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