STATIC - Lunik
Tabbed by: käspi
Email: kg@kgmw.ch

Tuning: Standard

D Am C G (2x)

Vverse 1:
   D                  Am
my best friend always used to say
C               G
heed your inner voice
  D               Am
I always followed this advice
    C            G
and sometimes it worked out fine
    D                  Am                    C           G
but what do I do if my mind is screamin' and orderin' so loud ?
    D            Am
its shrill voice drowns out
    C          G
the soft one inside me

D            Am       C
  and I feel nothing
           G              D
my mind is givin' orders
and I'm feelin' static
  C                 G
I wish my heart was stronger

D      Am        C               G
but I, but I try, but I try to refuse
D            Am       C            G
 but I'd lie, I'd lie, but I'd lie if I said that I succeed


Verse 2:
    D             Am
and when I try to find the reason
   C                G
my mind goes out on strike
  D                Am
I ask and moan, complain about it
C               G
 but it doesn't change the facts
  D               Am          C                 G
inspite of me my mind goes on searchin' for the right way
         D       Am
my inner voices speak to me
    C               G
but I can't seem to hear them

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