• Song:

    Sweaty Betty

  • Artist:

    Macc Lads

  • Album:

    Dirty C. D. Chips & Gra...

			'Sweaty Betty' by Macc lads


Use Em instead of E major if you wanna be picky....:)

Intro....G D F D x 4,
	G (320003@1)name="chord_xx0232@1">D E (022100@1)name="chord_xx0232@1">D x 4

	    GWell, (320003@1)she wore big knickers,
				G (320003@1)    D (xx0232@1)E (022100@1)DAnd (xx0232@1)she worked on a sewage farm,
	   GI (320003@1)got me hand down her jeans an',
		          G (320003@1)    D (xx0232@1)E (022100@1)DI (xx0232@1)nearly lost half me arm,
    F (133211@1)	DBut (xx0232@1)after ten pints,she looked quite fit,
         C (x32010@1)	      BbCouldn't (x1333x@1)wait to get me hands on her flabby tits.
	 G (320003@1)     E (022100@1)F (133211@1)ESweaty (022100@1)Betty,                x2

     G (320003@1)			 G (320003@1)D (xx0232@1)E (022100@1)DSo (xx0232@1)I said slap that and ride the ripples,
          G (320003@1)    			             G (320003@1)D (xx0232@1)E (022100@1)DI've (xx0232@1)just got to get me gob round her greasy nipples,
          F (133211@1)     DShe (xx0232@1)had a massive arse, and sweaty breasts,
C (x32010@1)		 BbThirty (x1333x@1)eight chins, she were a mound of flesh.

        GSweaty (320003@1)Betty,
            DShe (xx0232@1)eats a lot of pies,
	 FSweaty (133211@1)Betty,
	    DShe's (xx0232@1)got enormous thighs,
        GSweaty (320003@1)Betty,
          DHave (xx0232@1)you smelt her breath,
        FSweaty (133211@1)Betty,
               DShe'll (xx0232@1)crush aman (x02210@1)to death           G (320003@1)D (xx0232@1)E (022100@1)Dx2. (xx0232@1)
       G (320003@1)		   G (320003@1)D (xx0232@1)E (022100@1)DAnd (xx0232@1)I knew that she wanted me f't shag her,
        G (320003@1)		     G (320003@1)D (xx0232@1)E (022100@1)DSo (xx0232@1)I stabbed her cunt with me mutton dagger,
   F (133211@1)                  DI (xx0232@1)couldn't believe the size of her bum,
     C (x32010@1)                           BbShe (x1333x@1)used to play for Wigan at the back of the scrum.

		G (320003@1)D (xx0232@1)F (133211@1)Dx4 (xx0232@1)Sweaty Betty
Sweaty Betty ,
Sweaty Betty ,
Sweaty Betty.

	  F (133211@1)                     DAn' (xx0232@1)I've seen nowt like it since day I were born,
     C (x32010@1)                    BbBut (x1333x@1)you know me, I'll shag owt that's warm
					G (320003@1)D (xx0232@1)name="chord_133211@1">F Dx (xx0232@1)4
Sweaty Betty She eats a lot of chips,

Sweaty Betty She's got massive tits,

Sweaty Betty She's got a huge vagina,

Sweaty Betty You'd fit a bus inside her,......... G  D  E  D { to the end....}

Sweaty Betty She's so obscene,

Sweaty Betty 3 tons of margarine,

Sweaty Betty She's like a lump of lard,

Sweaty Betty She makes me Willy hard.

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