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Verse 1:
        People See Different Things
        When They Look On The Horizon
        Do You See Dark Clouds Rolling In Fast
        Cos Baby They Ain't Gonna Last

Pre-Chorus 1:
           And I Can't See Anybody Else
           I Can't Stop Looking At You
           Take This Dream & Make It True

All I See Is Love, Sweet Love
On The Horizon, Oh Yeah
Just One Look In Your Deep Brown Eyes
And Baby I'm Flyin..

Verse 2:
    His World Could Be So Hard To Take
    Before I Found You, I Almost Stopped Trying
    To See The Good Instead Of The Bad
    But Your Hearts So True, That Baby I'm Cryin'

Pre-Chorus 2:
             And Every Single Time We Meet
             I Learn What Love Is For
             It's Taking Less & Giving More

(Repeat Chorus)
Verse 3:
    & Baby I Don't Wanna See Pain In Your Eyes
    Cos You're The One That Sets Me Free
   There's Nothing In This World That Can Hurt Us
   If It's You & Me, Hey-Yeah-Yeah

(Repeat Chorus X3)
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