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    So Long Self

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  • Album:

    So Long Self

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Ab       Fm              F#
Well if I come across a little bit distant
     Bbm           Ab
It's just because I am
            Fm            F#
Things just seem to feel a little bit different
       Bbm       Ab
Do you understand
Ab               Fm             F#
Believe it or not but life is not apparently
 Bbm        Ab
about me anyways
           Fm                 F#
But I have met the One that's really worthy
So let me say

Ab       Fm
So long self
               F#            C#              Ab  
Well it's been fun but I have found somebody else
Ab       Fm
So long self
There's just no room for two
  C#                     Ab
So you are gonna have to move
Ab       Fm
So long self
                F#                C#           Ab
Don't take this wrong but you are wrong for me farewell
        Fm               F# C#
Oh well goodbye, don't cry'
          Ab Bbm F#
So long self

Ab        Fm              F#
Stop right there because I know what you are thinking
    Bbm            Ab
but no we can't be friends
         Fm                 F#
And even though I know your heart is breaking
     Bbm   Ab
this has to end
Ab          Fm              F#
And come to think of it the blame for all of this
Bbm             Ab
Simply falls on me
   Ab                         Bbm
For wanting something more in life than all of this
   F#        Ab
Oh can't you see


... so long
      F#      Ab                 E
Don't feel so bad (Don't feel so bad)
            F#     Ab                       E
There'll be better days (There'll be better days)
      F#      Ab
Don't go away mad (but by all means)
     E        F#     | Ab Bbm F# |x2
Just go away, go away

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