• Song:

    The River Is Rising

  • Artist:

    Michael W. Smith

  • Album:

    A New Hallelujah

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Song   : The River Is Rising
Artist : Michael W Smith
Album  : A New Hallelujah
Key    : D
Standard EADGBe tuning

A G Bm D

Verse 1
A                             G
I feel it, I feel It, I feel It
                    Bm                    D
In my bones and I just don't think I can hold it anymore
      A                      G
The river is rising flowing out of me
           Bm               D
And I'm coming alive, I'm coming alive
            A                 G
I'm gonna dance and sing and move my feet
            Bm                      D
Cause the river is rising, flowing out of me
        A                          G
Got to let the world know take it to the streets
        Bm                 D
Got to dance and sing and let out a shout of praise!

A   G   Bm        D
Hallelujah (the river is rising)

A           G
Uh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Bm          D
Uh Oh Oh Oh Oh
A              G          Bm        D
The river is rising (The river is rising)
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