• Song:

    Tuesday Morning

  • Artist:

    Michelle Branch

  • Album:

    Hotel Paper

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Tuesday morning
Michelle Branco
Tabbed by: Mariano Arnaiz
Anything to: marianoarnaiz@hotmail.com

This song is play in 2 guitars the first is in the top of the riff and the lyrics
and the second play the riff or play the same than the second (dippends on the part
of the song)

Intro / Main riff

 Dsus4            D                 Dsus2            D          Dsus4    

Verse 1 (play the main riff)

I remember,
Stormy weather,
The way the sky looks when it's cold
And you were with me,
Content with walking,
So unaware of the world

Pre-chorus 1

   D            Em      C
 Please don't drive me home tonight,
D                 Em            C
 'Cause I don't want to feel alone,
  D             Em          C
 Please don't drive me home tonight
D          Em         C
 'Cause I don't wanna go

Chorus 1( the first guitar play thi notes and the second the main riff)

G          D 
Tuesday morning,
Em       C
In the dark
G       D               Em
I was finding out,
Who you are?oh

Verse 2 (same as verse 1 )
I took your picture,
While you were sleeping,
Then I pased around the room
If I had known then,
That, these things happen,
Would they have happened with you? Ho ohh

Pre-chorus 1

Chorus 1


Em           C               G
And if you turned around to see me,
And I was gone?oh 
Em            C                   G
Should have looked outside your window
             D             G     D Em
'Cause the sun was coming up?ho 
Post-chorus lead
The sun was coming up?oh ho oo woo, ho

Post-chorus lead reapet as necesary 

Pre-chorus 2

   D            Em      C
 Please don't drive me home tonight,
D                 Em            C
 'Cause I don't want to feel alone,

Chorus 2 (  the main riff and then enter the chords) 

Tuesday morning,
In the dark

G          D       Em 
 we were finding  out
Who we are
G          D
 Tuesday morning,
Em       C
In the dark?oh, oh
G          D      Em
 We were finding out,
        C (play any kind of C variation to make a nice effect)
Who we are, who we are?ho woo oo oh?ho woo oo oh
Who we are, who we are?ho, woo oo oh
Who we are

Use this chord cause i dont know the name of them to put them in the tab

G: 320033
Dsus4: -00233
Dsus2: -00230
C: -32033

C variation you can use for the end if you want try others

C: -32010
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