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    Ordinary Boys

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Ordinary Boys by Morrissey

Intro: G C (x2)

G        D     Bb            C       G
Ordinary boys, happy knowing nothing
            D              Bb     C
Happy being no-one but themselves
G        D      Bb          C
Ordinary girls, supermarket clothes
    G               D                     Bb  C
Who think it's very clever to be cruel to you
Em               D
For you were so different
Em             D
You stood all alone
And you knew
        C            D
That it had to be so
         G        D
Avoiding ordinary boys
Bb            C           G
Happy going nowhere, just around here
         D            Bb  C
In their rattling cars
G        D
Ordinary girls
Bb            C
Never seeing further
          G          D
Than the cold, small streets
               Bb  C
That trap them
    Em              D
But you were so different
    Em           D
You had to say no
When those empty fools
         C               D
Tried to change you, and claim you
         G             D             Bb
For the lair of their ordinary world
           C       G
Where they feel so lucky
   D         Bb    C
So lucky, so lucky
           G                D
With their lives laid out before them
They are lucky
   C         G
So lucky, so lucky
   D            Bb C
So lucky, so ...


Em D 
Em D
Bb C G
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