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    Well Let You Know

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From: jarnail@fraser.sfu.ca (Jarnail Singh Gill)
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 1992 04:11:44 GMT

I've figured out the basic chord progression for Morrissey's "We'll Let
You Know", from Your Arsenal, but I'm unclear on some of the chords.
Some of the changes just don't sound right:

|D    |G     |D    |G Bm |Bm   |Em   |Bm   |Em   |G    |     |A7    |    |
                    ^                             ^
                    I'm not sure if               This could be another
                    this is the correct           form of G chord
                    chord, and the
                    change from G to Bm
                    doesn't sound right

Its likely I may have the wrong form for some of the chords, but its
a close approximation.
The end part of the song, where the heavy guitar and drums come in, I
haven't really figured out yet, so improvise.
Now, run home to your guitars and try this out and email me or post
any changes/corrections to this group.
I'll post a final version, if anyone bothers to correct my mistakes.

- Jerry (jarnail@sfu.ca)

Song:We'll Let You Know
Album:Your Arsenal
Tabbed By: Robert Holmes,Dublin,Ireland.

The Only version I currently have of this song is of the Introducing
video where he plays this song capoed at the 2nd fret.Judging by the
last post
of this song though,it's not capoed on the album.

Intro:D Gm D Dsus4 D
D              Gm
 How sad are we?
D                        Dsus4 D
 And how sad have we been?
Bm             Em
  We'll Let You Know
Bm             Em
  We'll let you know
Ah,but only if
                 A7     A7Sus4  A7
You're really interested

You wonder how
We've stayed alive 'till now
we'll let you know
we'll let you know
Ah,but only if
you're really interested

We're all smiles
and honest,I swear
It's the turnstiles
that make us hostile
oh oh etc.

we will descend
on anyone unable to defend
oh oh etc.

and the songs we sing
they're not supposed to mean a thing
la de da da etc.

Swirly Guitar bit(basically follow the same chords)

On the video just here they shout:Your Arsenal!
E5              G5 F#5
We may seem cold
E5               G5 F#5
ah we may even be
E5                                         G5 F#5
the most depressing people you've ever know
at heart what's left
well of couse we know
that we are the last truly
British people you'll ever know
we are the last truly
British People that you wouldn't want to know
And So On.

Dsus4: 000233

corrections,comments,praise etc. to fainne@connect.ie
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