• Song:

    So Long Farewell

  • Artist:

    Motion City Soundtrack

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So Long Farewell- Motion City Soundtrack

Dsus2 - xx0230
G/B - x20003

C Fm C Fm C

I heard an angel sing hey, hey, hey

C                   Fm
Made your Jesus and Mary chain chain chain

C                      Fm             C             Fm 
She was loaded and knocked out on the marble tiles again

C           Fm
I put an angel to sleep sleep sleep

C                  Fm
major feelings of feelings went creep creep creep

C                     Fm               C                     Fm
I was watching her kung-fu through the darkness and the dreams

Dsus2                 F           C         G/B          Bb 
I wonder why she's so fragile and I wonder why she never smiles

          Am            F
she's the saddest music in the world tonight

C Fm C Fm

C           Fm
She had a fever burn burn burn

C              Fm
Holy watering eyeballs churn churn churn

C                  Fm
She was violently comatose

    C                Fm
the best part of the day

C       Fm             
Several hours went bye bye bye

C                           Fm
She crawled out from the blankets and sigh sigh sighed

C                   Fm
She clambered into purgatory once the sun went down

Dsus2               F
I wanted to help so badly

       C             G/B       Bb
But my help just prolonged her decent

Am                      F
She's the saddest music in the world tonight

C              Am
So long, farewell

          G             F
May I see you when its over

C                 Am
Goodnight, good luck

          G                  F
I hope it all works in your favor

C                Am
So long, old friend

           G                   F
Take my words and think them over

C               Am
So long, farewell

           G       Fm           C
You're the saddest music in my world tonight

If any part sounds wrong, feel free to correct it.
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