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Written and recorded by Moxy Fruvous
From the album "Wood" (WEA CD-10616, 1995)
Transcribed August 1995 by Charlie Gibbs (Charlie_Gibbs@mindlink.bc.ca)

Piano intro:  Em G D Am G D C

G         D               G     Bm          A7
My sister Sue and me were doing stunts with electric trains.

Em                   D           C              Em
She said she'd do my dishes so I handed her the reins.

        D            C                      G        Gmaj7 C
And she engineered a collision steered by a hand-eye protege.

          Em                D                  C
Before my train set started burnin' I heard my sister say:


        Look straight at the coming disaster

        Em                  G
        Realize what you've lost

        D                    Am
        You keep handin' out horseshoes

        G               D        C
        Horseshoes have gotta be tossed.

        G               D        C
        Horseshoes have gotta be tossed.

G                   D               G       Bm    A7
I dreamed I went to heaven 'cause I told my lover lies.

Em               D               C                 Em
When I woke up I went to her and looked her in the eyes.

       D                    C               G       Gmaj7   C
I said help me cry 'cause I can't deny this union's feeling wrong.

       Em               D                C
Then a flashback to the dream and angels singing songs.


        (Bridge: Am C G Am Cm G)

G              D             G       Bm     A7
Don't push the river, if you love it set it free.

Em               D                C          Em
I said go on and see him, you can still come home to me.

      D                 C                        G     Gmaj7    C
I was satisfied God was on our side 'cause we're freer than the birds.

              Em               D                  C
She sent me a letter, I didn't read it, I already knew the words.

        (Chorus x 2)

        Em              D        C
        Horseshoes have gotta be tossed.  (repeat and fade)

A7Sus4 = x0203x
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