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Written and recorded by Moxy Fruvous
From the album "Wood" (WEA CD-10616, 1995)
Transcribed August 1995 by Charlie Gibbs (Charlie_Gibbs@mindlink.bc.ca)

G                                 Am          D7
Your phone call from Montreal said I was back into you.

G                                    Am               D7
But as I listened to the words fall, I dreaded as the artist drew

G             G7                             Am
Me down on my knees with liquid eyes begging please,

           Cm               G
 won't you stay for another course

                                Am                D11 D7 Em  A7
But if I was you I'd agree with what you chose to do.......     And


          Dm                  G7
        I tried and tried and tried that night.

          Dm                      G7
        I cried and cried so that we would fight.

            Dm                 G7            F      Em    A7
        And distance was the accomplice that saw me lose.

            Am               D7
        The most that I ever knew,

        Am7                   D7
        Everything if not the sun,

             Am7                     D7
        In a space that could handle two...

                 Em     G
        You were gone.

G                                  Am           D7
You gave me your heart and habits, proverbially at my side.

G                                  Am               D7
And though maybe I took advantage, you know I never really lied.

G                G7                               Am
I was out in the field collecting strength for my shield,

       Cm                     G
 and I misplaced what made me real.

                                       Am             D11 D7 Em  A7
I can't ask you to wait around but you know you can't deny.....     that


        (Intrumental)  And

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