• Song:

    Everything Is

  • Artist:

    Neutral Milk Hotel

  • Album:

    1998-04-12: Bottom of t...

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EVERYTHING IS - Neutral Milk Hotel - from the Everything Is EP

standard tuning, sounds good with barre chords.
strumming patterns are easier to figure out if you listen to the 
Live at Chris Bilheimer's Birthday Party version, which you can
download here as well as a load of other great stuff (just right click and
Save Target As):

Intro: C-F

   C                   F
Growing sleepy as the rain falls 
      C                                F
As children draped in flowers form a chain 
      C                                F
They sing a song with jelly jars and bird calls 
     C                             F
As night falls into dust and it's day again 

     C                                 F
I'm not afraid of a love parade in my daydream 
 C                                F
Old men with kazoos and beating drums 
    C                                   F
But I awake and I see the streets are ice cream 
           C                  F
It's just you and me and oh dear, our life has just begun 


Everything is beautiful here 
It's spinning circles around my ears 
I'm finally breaking free from fear 
 F (muted)      F
And it's fading 

Oh beautiful smiles, won't you stay awhile 
                  F                    C
We could close the door and sleep all day 
                  F                              C
It's a September sky with pretty pictures in my mind 
                  F              C
That's lost its feeling of so afraid 

Repeat chorus, repeat first verse, repeat chorus again

then F to C for a while, end on C.

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