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From: un3g@rz.uni-karlsruhe.de

Marrakech / New Model Army

Each verse:
	D	Em		Bm	G		Em
They found us in the courtyard at our table in the shade
	D	A		Em		G
We toasted our last few moments and then the end came
	D	Em		Bm	G		Em
They took us back to the airstrip, in a beaten up old car
	D	A		Em		G
And we rattled avross the African scrubland in silence
	E		G	E		G
Our hands locked together in cold steel cuffs
	E			G
Sometimes I wish it was still that way...

Bridge:		D	A	B2


Remark: B2 is equivalent to Bm with the little finger not being used.
The complete lyrics you find on the album "Impurity" by NMA.

This song is one of my favorites.
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