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Young, Gifted And Skint

Verse 1
Young, gifted and skint, that's where it ain't

Look how easily it happened, look how easily I fell
Now I'm up to here in debt, there's a noose around my neck
There's a price upon my head

Verse 2
My past was all in borrowed time, stupid, stupid borrowed time

Now that the deed is done I'm waiting for the axe to fall
Fantasies grow in my brain, run away and start again
Disappear and change my name

Bm~C#m Bm~C#m
Bm~C#m Bm~C#m

A    B       C#m                   A
That man was, ah young, gifted and skint
     B       C#m                       A
That man says you know that's where it ain't
     B       C#m                 A
That man says ah go on lend me a quid
     B       C#m
That man was....oooohhhh

F# (14 secs)
E (4 secs) F# (4 secs)
E (1 sec) F (1 sec)
F# (8 secs)

Verse 3
Money makes the world go round, fear makes it turn much faster

Can't pay the rent-man a single thing, don't let the man from the Gas Board in
Maybe this is all a dream, maybe I'll wake up again
Maybe this could all be clean again . . .

Repeat Bridge and Chorus and end on F# (strum as long a you want)
Album:No Rest For The Wicked
Track 8
Release date:
May 1985

Chords figured out for your pleasure by John C Thomson (A.k.a. Psychedelic Pig)
Took me awhile to figure this one out. As you may be able to figure I am just starting 
find my ear, so if there are any mistakes then let me know.
Thank to NMA for letting me know that I am not the only one who feels and thinks like 
It was getting lonely. Ta.
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