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Title: Silence
Arist: Paraluman

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Friendster: boybassista@yahoo.com

Intro: G-Bm-C-D (2x)


G       Bm
He lets out,
C        D 
A boisterous emotional scream
G         Bm     C    D 
On all fours, A sickened picture of life's frame


C          D
But I hold him inside
      C               D
I hold him against my wil
 C           D
And all that is Inside..
       C           D
Is Plae afar from what he's for


G      D          Em       C
I know he's gone too far, too far
G     D         Em            C                 
He willingly decides to spill his every eyes display

Verse:(Do CP: G-Bm-C-D)

He's half away
From where his rest needs to be done
He's lovely, and his making me let go

Pre-Chorus:( DO Cp: C-D)

Bt I hold him inside
I hold him against my will. 
And all that is inside
Is place afar from what he's for

(repeat chorus)

Adlib: G-D-Em-C (2x)

(repeat chorus:
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