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Me And You and Pikachu by Parry Gripp

Tabbed 02/28/2010 by Jeremy Salwen

G G Em C x2

We were invited to the island
          Em                 C
All our friends were to be there
A party for the ages
     Em             C
Everyone without a care
But storm clouds came from nowhere
     Em                   C
And washed them back to shore
Just a few of us had made it
          Em               C
With no idea what lay in store

C               G
Me and you and Pikiachu
Fought the war
Fought the war

C               G
Me and you and Pikiachu
 D              G 
Fought the waaaaaar

(Repeat Intro)

Escorted to the palace
We were greeted in the hall
It was clear that our host's intent
Was the destruction of us all
"I am the greatest master"
The island's host proclaimed
The guests all rose to battle
Would anyone be saved?



Em D C Bm Am 

Em D C Bm Am 
Am D       D/F#

The master and his rival
Locked their deadly beams
Then the hero dove between them
Sacrificing for our team
Everyone on hand was crying
As Ash was turned to stone
But the tears flowed down onto the rock
And set him free again

(Chorus) x2

 D               G
Fought the waaaaaar  
 D                                G
Fought the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar
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