• Song:

    We Said Hello Goodbye

  • Artist:

    Phil Collins

  • Album:

    Platinum Collection

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We Said Hello Goodbye (Collins)

A         E          B/D#     C#m
We said goodbye to a dear old friend
       B/C#                 A            D
And we packed our bags and left feeling sad
         E  A  D
It's the only way
A        E           B/D#      C#m
We said hello as we turned the key
  B/C#               A
A new roof over our heads
Gave a smile
         E  A  D
It's the only way
E  A  D
Only way

Turn your head
And don't look back
         C/G              Dm7/G
Set your sails for a new horizon
      Bb/G               C/G
Don't turn around don't look down
G               A/G
Oh there's life across the tracks
                  C/G         Dm7/G
And you know it's really not surprising
        Bb/G             C/G       D
It gets better when you get there oh

D  Bbmaj7  Am7  D x2
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